About Us

Donegal Adventure Centre (DAC) is Ireland's largest Surf and Outdoor Education Centre, specialising in schools, teens and college programmes combining outdoor sports, surf and learning programmes.

We offer daily short half-day tours to full sleep-over/residential programmes, with full board and full supervision.

The DAC opened in 1999, and hundreds of schools, colleges, universities, scout and guide groups, sports clubs, youth clubs, international schools, cross-border associations and leisure groups have been welcomed to the DAC.

We have a warm welcome here for all our visitors, and excellent staff who provide a fun and safe introduction to activities like surfing, high-rope climbing, archery, zip wire, abseiling, cliff jumping, body boarding and many more. Kids and students love it here because it is exciting, fun-filled and challenging. Parents love it because it is well-run and very safe, and teachers and leaders enjoy it because we take responsibility for supervision, and offer our full support in pre-arranging everything with you according to your specific needs.

Families and parents looking for great ideas for holidays also spend much time here; we have day camps for everyone, can offer tailor-made packages, plus accommodation options for everyone.

Contact us and tell us what you need, and we'll make a great holiday for you.

Our aim here at the DAC is to allow children, teens and adults to enjoy activities, to develop confidence and self esteem through the fun challenges of surfing, climbing and other such activities - to interact well with peers, to appreciate the wonderful environment and resources we have here in Ireland, and to have fun with others through healthy and active pursuits.

You can phone us at 071 984 2418 (international 00 353 7198 42418, USA 011 353 7198 42418).