Boot Camp

We have two types of Bootcamps:

1. Team Boot Camp - specifically aimed at teams & clubs

Team Training with a Difference

  • Work on your team's fitness, stamina and teamwork with our innovative new training programme
  • Not for the faint hearted, we combine our fitness training techniques, military experience,corporate team building experiences & award winning activies to provide a tough, entertaining & productive training break for your team
  • Healthy and nourishing meals & drinks will provided
  • We will work with you to design the ideal program for your team's age, interests, ability etc

Sample Schedule: 2 Night Weekend Stay

Friday Night

  • Arrival & Briefing with Instructor
  • Icebreakers & Session on our Jacob's Ladder climbing frame


  • Breakfast
  • Warm up & stretch followed by run around Roguey Head
  • Survivial- Team related physical game
  • Muscle development work on Tullan Strand
  • Lunch
  • Pool work-swimming and intensive surfboard paddling training.
  • Dinner
  • All Aboard Team Activity
  • Relaxation Session


  • Breakfast
  • Warm up & Stretch
  • Surf Lesson
  • Lunch
  • Final Briefing
  • Depart

You will notice that this isn't just an activity & pub team bonding exercise - we do those too!
This is an intensive programme that rewards those who put the most in to it. We will treat adults like adults but those who choose to go out after sessions will be shown no leniency on schedule.

2. DAC Bootcamp Challenge - for individuals, friends & groups interested in general weight loss & fitness programmes ...with a twist

  • This is a fun weekend to knock off a few pounds, or compliment your own fitness training
  • You do not have to be fit to do boot camp; in fact it is very much for those who are beginners to outdoor activities, or are not so fit
  • We have a full schedule of activities to keep you busy from arrival to departure, including a full (healthy) meal programme and evening activities as an alternative to the pub
  • It is fun and healthy, a bit of craic, and you can put as much or as little into it as you wish; we'll be here to encourage you, but we won't make you miserable.
  • Lose weight, have fun and try new and exciting exercises and sports
  • Come on your own or bring others; we will organise everything from healthy meals to fitness training programmes to evening entertainment and accommodation
  • We will work with you, whether you want to lose weight or improve your fitness using a unique blend of military techniques, lifeguard fitness and fun adventure sport activities.

Sample Weekend Schedule

Friday Night

  • Arrival & Briefing with Instructor
  • Icebreakers & Session on our Jacob's Ladder & High Ropes Course


  • Breakfast
  • Warm up & stretch followed by run around Rougey Head
  • Muscle devolpment work on Tullan Strand
  • Surf Lesson /Cliff Jump
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon hike
  • Dinner
  • All Aboard team activity
  • Relaxation session
  • Evening entertainment


  • Breakfast
  • Warm up & stretch
  • Beach run & fitness exercises
  • Cliff jump/surf lesson
  • Lunch
  • Final briefing & depart

The total cost of boot camp, including meals, all activities, accommodation and craic is 199 euro per person.

To Book

Tel:  +353 (0) 71 984 2418)

Group discounts are available.