Team Building Activities Donegal

If your team or club are getting ready for the new season, shaping up for a big game, or just interested in improving team communication and confidence, Donegal Adventure Centre offers you a variety of day trips and residential options to help you get there.

What are the benefits of a team getaway?

  • Uninterrupted time for coaches and managers to work on strategies with everyone.
  • Relationships improved by spending time in a residential setting
  • Team building and communications activities- fun but very effective
  • Whatever level of intensive you want- we do everything from boot camp to relaxing breaks.
  • Optional confidence- building activities like surfing, cliffjumping, climb & abseil, kayak
  • Optional workshops on good nutrition, training habits, fitness techniques
  • Youth teams have full supervision as well as evening and night activities
  • Adult teams (18+) can opt for evenings out or on campus...

Adult Teams

Whether you want a tough, physically demanding training break, or something more relaxed, we have it all. Our boot camp will have you running on the beach at 7am, and falling into bed at 11pm, after an intensive day's training. Or you can mix some team training activities with a little off-duty fun in Bundoran.

  • You tell us what you need
  • Rooms and space for your own training and workshops
  • Meals included at your request, with selection of menus

Day & Residential

We are open all year long, every day. You can choose from half-day team building to a full day's activities to longer residential stays, during holidays, weekdays or weekends.

Team Bootcamp

  • Team Training with a Difference
  • Work on your team's fitness, stamina and teamwork with our innovative new training programme. Not for the faint-hearted, we combine our fitness training techniques, military experience, corporate team building experiences and award-winning activities to provide a tough, entertaining and productive training break for your team


  • Healthy and nourishing meals & drinks will be provided
  • We will work with you to design the ideal program for your team's age, interests, ability etc.

Here is a sample schedule of a typical two night weekend stay:

Friday Night
Arrival & Briefing with Instructor
Icebreakers & Session on our Jacob's Ladder Climbing frame.


Warm up & stretch followed by run around Roguey Head
Survival- Team related physical game
Muscle development work on Tullan Strand
Pool work-swimming and intensive surfboard paddling training
All Aboard Team Activity
Relaxation Session.


Warm up & stretch
Surf Lesson
Final Briefing & depart

You will notice that this isn't just an activity and pub team bonding exercise - we do those too.
This is an intensive programme that rewards those who put the most in to it. We will treat adults like adults but those who choose to go out after sessions will be shown no leniency on schedule.