Corporate Team Building at Donegal Adventure Centre

Why choose Team Building for your staff?

It is now an accepted fact that time spent on personal and team development in the workplace is a worthy investment for any company.

An efficient workplace demands good skills of organisation, communication, planning, teamwork, conflict management, initiative and confidence.

The development of these skills may not take priority over the day-to-day running of your business - but they should!


What is involved in Team Building?

A training exercise can take from a half-day to a full weekend. With the particular requirements of the company in mind, a set of tasks and challenges is prepared, which are introduced in the briefing and evaluated at the conclusion. These tasks will demand teamwork and co-operation,
and will provide an interesting way of developing performance in the workplace.

You can choose ...

You can choose from a half day or full day programme to a weekend /two day full residential staff break.

We will work with you to custom- build a programme to suit your needs. Custom programmes can include full board, accommodation, evening entertainment and can incorporate your own in-house workshops if required.




What is the result of Team Building?

On a basic level, interaction between the staff outside the workplace is a positive and progressive policy.

Staff who may only get to know each other through the limited demands of the job get a chance to learn more about each other.

Better relationships will lead to a more positive working atmosphere.

Learn More about Corporate Team Building

For more details click here to download our corporate information pack (pdf) or contact us for more detail.