Gaisce Awards at Donegal Adventure Centre

Hillwalk (Expedition) Award

Donegal Adventure Centre assists young people to achieve their Gaisce President’s Award by facilitating the preparation and execution of the Hillwalking Expedition. There are four stages to the Gaisce Bronze Award:

Stage 1:
Donegal Adventure Centre Instructors will visit the students at school and help them to prepare and arrange for their expedition. Students will have to be suitably dressed for the expedition.

They also have to bring their own supplies and food for this overnight excursion.

The instructors will guide them towards ideas for preparation, equipment and supplies. They will also help them make decisions regarding the delegation of leadership roles within the group. This visit should take about 35 minutes.

Stage 2:
The students will arrive at Donegal Adventure Centre, with their supplies and equipment. They will be assigned a room for overnight, prepare for their hillwalk and depart the centre. Walks usually take place in the Sligo area, around Strandhill, but this is subject to weather conditions. The group will be accompanied by staff fully trained in child protection, first aid, and outdoor instruction. The leaders will be there to ensure the safety and well-being of the students, but will not interfere in the planning and leadership of the students. The students will spend a full day completing their expedition.

Stage 3:
The students will return to Donegal Adventure Centre for late evening, and prepare an evening meal for themselves. They will spend the night at Donegal Adventure Centre.

Stage 4:
On the following morning, the students prepare breakfast and attend a de-briefing session with their leaders.

They have the option of doing a morning adventure activity, such as team building, high rope climbing or archery.

If for any reason the 25km-35 km distance was not achieved the previous day, students will complete it in the morning. They then pack and return to school.

This program takes one full day, from arrival at 10am on day 1 to departure at 1pm the following day. The Gaisce program is offered to schools from Sunday to Thursdays.

This is not available on Friday or Saturdays, but arrival on Sunday is fine.

Students pay for overnight accommodation, transfers to and from the walking area, and the assistance of professional qualified leaders. They purchase all food in advance and are responsible for cooking and cleaning.

For information on price, please contact the Donegal Adventure Centre at or phone Niamh at 071 984 2418.

Every attempt is made to make this adventure accessible to all students, and we do offer some scholarships and discounts for groups.