Youth Groups & Organisations 

An adventure trip is a fantastic experience for a youth group or organisition, and these are available all year round. We can do day trips, over night tours or training programmes over a number of weeks.  

Whether as an end of term year treat, a chance to bond with new members, part of a youth exchange, religious groups, cross border workshop or a trip for scouts.  we have a package to suit your group.

You can see some of our day trips here.

2019 Youth group day trips 

Our most popular overnight packages are our two night deals running from lunch time but we can do one night trips3 night trips, we have some groups that come for a week.

Our aim is to consult with leaders to customise a package that will suit your particular group whether you want to arrive early, are worried about the mixing of boys and girls, want to incorporate workshops or just fancy including an extra surf.

We can also run training courses for young people in surfing , first aid , kayaking, lifeguarding, youth development and much more. 


Accommodation & Food

  • we have two accommodation centres and can sleep up to 120 students. Most of our rooms in both Centres are en-suite.
  • we never mix adults and children in our residential (overnight stay) centres (aside from leaders naturally, who have their own private rooms in the building)
  • all bed linen is provided and room lists are provided in advance for allocation purposes
  • fully qualified staff, there is always a first-aid trained member of staff on duty and all staff follow strict safety protocols and procedures
  • food is provided on site and we can cater for all dietary requirements and allergies. 
  • breakfast is continental style, cereal, fruit, toast, preserves, tea, coffee, more toast!
  • lunch consists of soup & sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads, pizza, depending on how long you stay/what option you choose
  • dinner is a choice of 3 main courses followed by dessert


Talk to Ciara to find out more 071 984 2418 or email

Our Ethos

We engage with the students and clearly explain the do's and don'ts of the Adventure Centre. Nobody is expected to be super-sporty or mega-confident at everything (if you are, great!). Our speciality is beginner lessons and working with young people.

Our aim is to encourage them to go to the edge of their comfort zone..and then just a little further. Not so much that they don't enjoy it, just so they look back with pride and self esteem and say "I can't believe I did that". For some this will be scaling the highest wall or jumping off a cliff. For others it will be going knee deep in water or speaking in front of their peers. We all have different goals.

All we ask is that you try everything once. If it's not for you, no problem, we're pretty sure you'll love the next thing. We consider ourselves, leaders, and the students all part of the same team.

Nobody wins unless everybody wins. We make no apologies that the students are expected to help clean up after themselves and leave the rooms tidy. We will treat them with respect and we expect the same in return.

Finally while some groups will choose self-catering or self- supervision options, we would strongly encourage our comprehensive programmes. It is our belief bored kids get into trouble. Students who are engaged and entertained (and supervised) are usually too busy enjoying themselves to worry about causing problems.

For a quote on any of our activities or packages, please contact us at 071 984 2418 or