Meet The Team at Donegal Adventure Centre


‘Knowledge is power, information is liberating, education is the premise of progression, in every society, in every family’

Kofi Annan

Our Family:


 Ciara O’Shea



Ciara is part of our administration staff, handling all of the bookings for Donegal Adventure Centre, arranging the paperwork, payments and everything else that goes on in the very busy DAC office.

While Ciara is extremely kind and friendly, she also loves her music and won’t stand for anyone saying a bad word about Snow Patrol.

Ciara is usually the first person you will meet when you come to DAC, has always been super helpful and will make sure everyone who books here gets the best possible experience.

Kyle Wilshire

Kyle Wilshire is one of our longest serving instructors, and is our chief Surf Instructor.

As well as running our Train to be a Surf Instructor Courses, Kyle has taught hundreds of kids, teens and adults the joys of good surfing, and his surf camps are packed each summer.

Kyle, who comes from South Africa, is loved by all who come here, for his patience and good humour.

A fanatic ‘Motley Crue’ fan, and former long-haired dude, he is now proud dad to gorgeous Ella, and cut his hair!



Eoin Guilfoyle

Eoin is the most laid-back man in the DAC and is a truly gifted instructor. He came to us from GMIT and his experience in kayaking, surfing and hill walking has really helped us to offer a higher level of activities.

Originally from Dublin but happily settled in Grange with Tara and Jack, Eoin's love of all things outdoors will get even the most apathetic teen bubbling over with enthusiasm.





Fran Duffy

Fran runs Beach lifeguard courses, all the swim coaching for our instructor courses, is a surf coach herself and is known by all as Frantastic for her amazing personality.


She is a mum of three who worked in an office and decided to change her life by doing our ETB Surf Instructor course and is now a big part of the DAC family.




Philip "Fiddy" Doherty

Fiddy (Philip) is another member of our versatile staff, one of our drivers and works on the upkeep of the centre activities, grounds and buildings. Fiddy has built much of our equipment including many of the tasks in our adventure field.

Fiddy is the heartbeat of the DAC, always in good form, always laughing - just don't get him talking about his PURPLE belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or about his dogs or you will be there all day!




Niamh Hamill

While Niamh is no longer the Manager of the DAC, she is still involved as Director of Donegal Adventure Centre's International Education and Training Programmes. Niamh was a primary school teacher in Tallaght for eight years, and then became Head of Fifth Form at Ashfield College, Templeogue.

Niamh is completing her PhD in Drew University and overseas our international university programmes under the banner of the Institute of Study abroad Ireland (

Niamh is committed to the idea that sport, music and arts are essential ingredients in education, and that students thrive when guided by enthusiastic leaders in a safe and positive environment. She is very active in local and national tourism projects, and she is also a musician and music promoter.

Nicky Dowling

Nicky is no longer living in Bundoran, having returned to teaching at Ashfield College, still plays a key role in the designing of our Language and Adventure Programme.

While she may not be living around the corner anymore, she always keeps in very close contact and hasn’t lost her passion for delivering the L&A Programme to the highest standard.

Mark Kennedy

Hailing from Cork, Mark found his way to the right end of the country as part of the first ETB course graduating with Darragh T.

An excellent all round instructor, Mark's true love is surfing and is always to be found honing his skills on the peak.

Joe Doran

Joe is Bus Driver and 'fixer-upper extraordinaire'. With no interest in surfing or any other water sports, Joe’s passion is in cars, motorbikes, Liverpool football club and is always up for a laugh over a cup of tea.